1) Do you take my insurance?

We will assist you in filing your insurance to maximize your Dental Benefits.  We are not able to accept a dental plan that is a DMO which is similar to a Medical plan known as a HMO. If you have No Dental Benefits, we have a membership plan available to our office. Please explore our office through Kleer.com, using our office code LQ5P, or call our office at 770-475-1822.

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2) What are your hours?

Mon and Tues. 8-5
Wed. 10-5
Thurs. 8-12

3) How long has the Dr. in practice?

Dr. Stevens has been practicing general dentistry for over 35 years in the Atlanta area. He had a practice in Duluth for over 32 years until he relocated to this Woodstock location to be closer to home.

4) How many hygienists do you have in your office?

We have two highly qualified Dental Hygienists that bring years of knowledge and experience to your recall visits.

5) Is it a one Dr. or multi Dr. practice?

It is a 1-Dr. practice.

6) How long does it take to get an appointment?

We are usually able to schedule an appointment with Dr. Stevens within one to two days of your request, depending on your specific needs. An appointment with one of our two experienced Dental Hygienists may take a little longer depending on a specific request for time of day or day of the week.

7) Do you do implants?

Yes. We use a team approach working with either an oral surgeon or a periodontist to place the implant. Dr. Stevens restores the implant once you have been cleared by the specialist that it is fully integrated. These restorations, like all other restorations, are customized specifically to you and your mouth. For more information on implants and their benefits, please refer to the link below:

8) Do you do cosmetic dentistry?

Yes. We feel all our dentistry is cosmetic. We try and restore your teeth to a form that is natural and functional as well. We use both porcelain and composite materials when we restore your smile. Again we try and listen to your needs and desires and then design a custom treatment plan that works for you. Many larger cases can be done in phases and don’t have to be done all at one time.

9) Are you accepting new patients?

Yes. We are always ready to accept new patients to our practice. Please call our office so we can answer any additional questions you may have.